WCATY’s mission is to nurture Wisconsin’s most academically talented students by providing and encouraging programs that support, motivate, and challenge. Come explore!


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What is WCATY?

For over twenty years, the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) has been the only statewide, year-round organization in Wisconsin dedicated to serving gifted students. WCATY works to create communities focused on students' talents and passions while also satisfying the requirements of educational systems interested in assessing student growth. 

Who does WCATY Serve?

Access to programs and opportunities is a cornerstone of WCATY values. WCATY strives to offer programs throughout the rural, urban, and suburban communities of Wisconsin. 


The Academy (District Co-ops) partners with over 100 public and private school districts, bringing challenging curriculum to students where gifted educational resources are scarce. In 2014, summer program students came from 114 different Wisconsin communities, 13 different states, and 4 different countries. Access to programs also means a WCATY commitment to providing scholarships and fee waivers for bright students who need support. Talent exists among all groups, and WCATY is dedicated to identifying and serving a broad and diverse pool of students in communities throughout the state.

What is the model?

The WCATY model focuses on developing higher-level thinking skills and is rooted in a research-based “Professional Identities” pedagogy that allows students to tackle difficult problems as a field professional would. Our Learning Goals and professional identities model that we call the “Modes of Engagement” align directly to Common Core State Standards and can be tracked from program to program and course to course as the student grows through the WCATY community. WCATY uses multiple outcome measures, student and faculty evaluations, parent input, and research-based practices to maintain an overriding focus on quality.


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