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Educators can look to WCATY for a range of researched-based, gifted curriculum that is recognized for its proven impact on student success. Targeting gifted students, WCATY instructors help learners exercise their critical, creative, historical, leadership, and systemic thinking skills while also meeting Common Core State Standards.

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Online StudentProject A Missions (RtI, Tier Two) Students test the waters of online learning and develop project management skills in WCATY’s new four-week missions.

Academy Challenges (RtI, Tier Three) These nine-week challenges serve students in the top 5% of their school’s population and replace language arts,  history, science, and math curriculum.

Growing Early Minds (GEM) This Saturday program serves students in 2nd through 4th grade and helps them explore their learning and spark their natural curiosity.

Summer Programs (Above and Beyond) Academic challenge combines with fun and friendships at Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), Preparatory Academic Campus Experience (PACE), and the Young Student Summer Program (YSSP).

WCATY Membership (Money Saver) Wisconsin schools can support gifted education and save money through WCATY’s School Membership.

Curious Minds (Our Blog) Learn more about gifted issues, WCATY and the UW in our blog.

WCATY Resources (Websites and Infographs) Use of the best of the web to target higher level thinking.

 At a Glance: School Year Programming

Sessions throughout the school year, starting in October
Typical class average of 16 students
Curriculum is thematic, but covers the Common Core State Standards
Online activity is asynchronous, though classes move together from week to week
WCATY works with schools to accommodate twice exceptional students
Assessment is differentiated and focused on growing student expertise


Program Offerings