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Parents of students exhibiting high ability in academics, creativity, or leadership skills are invited to investigate WCATY’s online Academy classes, now offered through more than 75 Wisconsin school districts. The nine-week-long classes, also open to home-schooled students, replace regular classroom work in language arts, history, science, and math.

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Courses are taught in a blended learning model that combines online and face-to-face instruction. Students grapple with complex, real-world problems and big, philosophical questions, working with like-minded peers and instructors whose feedback and assessment is individualized and focused on individual growth.

ScienceA good way for parents to introduce their children to online learning is through WCATY’s Project A classes: four-week-long enrichment courses in which students become project managers who work together and with an instructor to plan, research, and solve a problem.

The Growing Early Minds (GEM) program is both a Saturday or Summer opportunity for early elementary students to explore various topics, start to understanding their own unique learning, and interact with like- minded peers.

Summer opportunities through WCATY include four academic camps: the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), Preparatory Academic Campus Experience (PACE), and the Young Student Summer Program (YSSP). At each, students pursue challenging courses while engaging in fun outside the classroom with like-minded peers.